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As a boutique tour operator, Judy's Creative Adventures, LLC, specializes in women's tours and independent travel for women.  "Women exploring the arts and cultures of the world" is our personal goal for empowering women to travel.  We endeavor  to bring women of the world together through travel. We feel strongly that travel provides a window on the world and works to create understanding and caring among different cultures. 

Our well researched destinations include  Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and other magical places.  We specialize in ethnic cultures and their arts, crafts and textiles.  Our trips are designed for comfort, safety, learning, understanding and enrichment.  Most of all, we want you to enjoy exploring new cultures and sights, or re-visiting old favorites.  These small group luxury tours incorporate our high level of personal service, sightseeing, exploring nature's beauty,  culinary delights, wine tastings, excellent accommodations,
spas, a little shopping and cultural
The founder and President of Judy's Creative Adventures, LLC  is Judy Berry, entrepreneur, business owner, enthusiastic traveler, speaker,  art quilter and teacher, plus wife, mother and grandmother. Judy is a seasoned travel professional and an expert on women's travel.  In 1988, she opened her first company promoting adventure travel, when it was still a new niche in the industry.  Later becoming involved in the arts, her tours featured specialized travel highlighting arts, crafts, quilting and textiles.  She also specialized in Asia travel for several years.  Today, her tours cover a broad range of exciting destinations carefully chosen for women travelers.

Judy's tours have always been known for their attention to detail  and for providing unique opportunities for her clients.  Her passion is individually customized tours for women focusing on distinctive cultures of the world.  Judy is the President of WITIA, Women In Tourism International Alliance, a networking organization that links Tourism Professionals globally. She is on the board of the Arizona ASTA, American Society of Travel Agents, and has held offices in other international travel organizations. 
Through her many international contacts, she has access to key people in the countries she tours.  This gives her the opportunity to provide  special
cultural experiences for  her clients.  Each year Judy loves to accompany several of the tours to insure that the high standards of the company are upheld. To her fellow travelers, she brings
her passion for travel and the
excitement of sharing her special places in the world.


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