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Do you want to explore some of the more beautiful and adventurous spots in the world? The "Adventurous Women Tours" tours are perfect for women who seek a little more adventure, but still enjoy great accommodations. These soft adventures are created by women for women.  Pause during an African safari to visit with Maasai women in Kenya... be intrigued by the wild life in the Galapagos...wander on the Great Wall of China... ride elephants in Thailand.... explore a breath-taking US National Park.  These journeys will ignite your adventurous spirit.


Tours are gently paced so you can enjoy the scenery, sights, and adventures that these great destinations have to offer.  Some walking or hiking may be involved depending on the itinerary you select. 


Step out, be adventurous and join one of our exciting "Adventurous Women's Tours".    There's a daring spirit in all of us -
 say YES to yours.

                                                                   Adventurous Women's Tours

A Wondrous Women's                         This unique Women's Safari has been personally organized by Jacinta Nzioka 
Wildlife Safari - Kenya, Africa                 Mbithi 
and Judy Berry highlighting the women of Kenya, their arts & crafts, and

                                                                          fantastic community work. Meet with Maasai women and learn about their

11 Days/10 Nights                                  arts & crafts.   A safari would not be a safari without seeing the 
                                                               amazing animals of Kenya
up close and personal on fantastic game drives.
                       Stay at well-known safari lodges. Visit a baby elephant orphanage and a 
                       chimpanzee sanctuary..  
                       A tour like no other!

               Itinerary and Pricing                                                        


            NOTE:  This tour has been cancelled due to the untimely and sad death of our guide
                        and Hostess Lynne Leakey.


Forests, Beaches & Spas of Costa Rica


                           Coming Soon - Let us know if you are interested.
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Culture & Arts of China
                                                                 Coming Soon - Let us know if you are interested.
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                        We currently have the Textiles of Yunnan China - September 2017



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