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Independent & Customized Travel for Women

Independent or Customized Vacations

Do you have a group of friends or family that would like  a customized tour?  We are happy to plan a customized vacation for you and your group, no matter the number of persons. 

You may choose to customize one of the tours we have listed or tell us your dream destination and we will work with you to fulfill your desired vacation plans.

                        Are You A Solo Traveler
Do you prefer to travel on your own, but like to have your itinerary planned and your hotels secured?  We love to work with women traveling solo, and can plan an excellent independent itinerary for you. 

Another option is to join one of our tours, yet sightsee on your own.  This can be done each day, except for days we are traveling.  Ask us and we can point out what days you can be on your own on any of our tours.  This way, you have a group to travel with but free time to explore on your own or join the small group.

            Plan a Girls' Getaway or a City Exploration
What is more fun that getting away with your group of friends, for a few days or maybe longer?  We love to plan unique, quick, fun getaways.  Just give us a call to start the fun.

                       Families Traveling Together
Traveling families from two to many persons can be a fun way to explore a new destination.  We will be happy to help you develop a trip of a life time for your family and/or friends.

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