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Dresden Christmas Market

                                     Dresden Christmas Markets

This article was published by the Dresden Tourist Bureau

The Striezelmarkt is not by any means the only thing the city of Dresden has to offer. A large number of small and large markets are distributed throughout the city. Each has developed its own flair and individual character over the years. A whole "Christmas mile" extends along Prager Straße to the other side of the Elbe River.

The Christmas market on the Prager Straße represents the southern entry to the Christmas city of Dresden and invites to strolling on Dresden's best known shopping mile. The market, which is called "Winterlights of Dresden" since 2012, also offers a light highlight next to numerous sales stands with regional specialties from Dresden and surroundings. The 15 meters high Christmas tree is lit fantastically, the whole show musically still framed every evening. A "winter light world" enchants children as well as adults. The house of Santa Claus stands below the crossways stairs. Two rustic child merry-go-rounds for the little visitors are built in the middle section of the market,next to the Pullman Hotel.

A Christmas shopping excursion thus also takes you past the traditional Christmas market at the Frauenkirche. Traditional products like pottery, glassware and lace from the Vogtland region are sold on Münzgasse. The eight-meter-tall climbable pyramid, covered in handmade wooden figurines, is the main attraction of this small market.


Nearby "Advent at the Neumarkt" attracts many visitors to the Frauenkirche at the most beautiful time of the year. They are especially enthusiastic about the crafts that have been produced by historical guilds around the Neumarkt area for the last 100 years. For example bell-founders, document painters, engravers, clock operators as well as dealers of historical and hand manufactured toys. The culinary supply orientates itself to classic products of the Dresden Christmas time. The visitors can listen to church choirs, carol singers and wise men between the huts.


Frauenkirche Weihnachtsbaum
Frauenkirche © Thomas Klewe

A true spectacle presents itself to visitors within the walls of the Dresden Royal Palace during the Stallhof Advent Festival. Guild craftsmen and craftswomen present their goods here in a historic and very traditional atmosphere. Jugglers and players provide entertainment. In addition to the unusual culinary delicacies offered every year, the public bathhouse is also very popular. It has two gigantic wooden washtubs in which up to eight persons can respectively enjoy a hot bath.

A more quiet alternative is the Romantic Christmas market. This is to the south of Dresden residence castle on the so-called Piazza at the corner of the Taschenbergpalais. The market, which is constructed after a historical presentation, sprays a romantic flair. It helps the anyway splendid historical scenery to get a christmassy gleam at one of the most beautiful places of the former royal seat Dresden. A unique ice - skating paradise lures just next-door. The inner courtyard of the hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski Dresden changes into an ice tread and invites to a fantastic winter pleasure. A welcome opportunity to slurp home-made hot wine punch before or after the visit on the Christmas fair in romantic atmosphere.


The Neustadt side also spreads pre-Christmas cheer with its market in the pedestrian zone, extending from the Goldener Reiter (Golden Horseman) to Albertplatz Square. Since 2012 it is called "Augustus market". The Hauptstraße adorn in white and gold illuminated pagodas. Not just the Hauptstraße area, but also the festively decorated streets of the Baroque Quarter invite visitors to stroll and linger. At the Goldener Reiter, a historical Ferris wheel, the Nicolaushaus and a child merry-go-round are awaiting the visitors. Snack and drink specialties, Christmas presents from the Erzgebirge as well as made of many different materials like clay, substance, leather, silver offer an extensive supply. Next to the Christmas tree it is shown how Christmas is celebrated in other countries. Wind player ensembles and choirs please the visitors with her music at the weekends. A 20 meters high silver fir, a christmas pyramid as well as seat groups award a special charm to the market.

In the trendy "Outer Neustadt" district, the Kunsthof arcade is transformed into the beloved St. Nicholas Market at the beginning of December. Under the symbol of the shining candle, the organizations, institutions of the Neustadt as well as the city center management Dresden registered association and the city of Dresden represent a pallet of musical, literary events around the quiet Christmas fair in the baroque quarter.

The Christmas market in Dresden-Loschwitz, near the Blue Wonder Bridge has an atmosphere all its own. This small market is considered an insiders’ tip, and fits perfectly into the romantic idyll of the village center with its half-timbered houses.

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