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Semper Opera House

            The Semperoper (Semper) Opera House - Dresden Germany

This magnificently ornate  Semper Opera House (Semperoper) of Dresden, Germany , is the home of the Saxon State Opera (Sächsische Staatsoper Dresden) and the Concert Hall for the Saxon State Orchestra (Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden) and also the home of the Semperoper Ballet.   Originally built in 1841 by Gottfried Semper it undergoing a face lift on portions of the building and its contents.

The renovation include the meticulous restoration of the 660 square foot painted curtain.  In this picture you can see the artists at work intricately retouching the giant masterpiece.  They are working on the floor of the opera's workshop.  It is also undergoing a cleaning.

During World War II this massive curtain went missing like so many other art pieces.  It was later reconstructed using the original design by German painter Ferdinand Keller.  When finished it should once again be on public display.

The Opera House was devastated by fire in 1869.  The citizens of Dresden were anxious to have it rebuilt and demanded that Gottfried Semper do the reconstruction.  However, Gottfried was in exile for political reasons. Not to be outdone, Gottfried has his son, Manfred Semper, do the reconstruction using Gottfried's  plans and building was completed in 1878.

This famed opera house has a long history of great performances.  During the Pre-War times it premiered many of the works of Richard Strauss.

A wonderful example of "Dresden Baroque" architecture, the Semper sits on the Theater Square in the center of Dresden on the bank of the Elbe River.
Unfortunately near the end of World War II, the Semper was largely destroyed once again during the bombing of Dresden and the fires that followed.  It left only the exterior shell of this great building.  Again it was reconstructed and reopened exactly 40 years later in 1985.

During the Elbe flood in 2002, the Semper suffered extensive water damage. However, help poured in from around the world and it reopened in December of the same year.  Beautiful music, opera and dance can once again be enjoy by Dresden citizenry and visitors from around the world.


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