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                                       Classic Cultural and Historical Tours

Our Classic Cultural and Historic Tours  travel the world and explore its magnificent sights, scenery, and cultural heritage. Visit new destinations or explore old favorites. These small group journeys are designed for women by women.
The choices are many, from Czech Republic to China to Christmas Markets in Germany the tours offer you delightful vacations. Share experiences with new friends and meet women from many cultures. 

Travel gives you a window into the soul of a country and its people.  Your perspective of the world broadens as you contact other cultures, experience their customs, delve into their arts and crafts, and participate in their daily lives.  The historical sites tell of a country's heritage and can be as simple and inspiring as a circle of rocks, like Stonehenge, or as magnificent and awesome as Angkor Wat Temples.  Each scenic environment offers you the opportunity to revel in natures' wonders and beauty.  

Our cultural and historical journeys are for women who wish to explore the cultures of the world and have a great time doing it!  Join us on a Classic Cultural and Historical Tour  and be inspired by the wonders of our world!

                                          Classic Cultural and Historical Tours

Machu Picchu and the Traditional Textiles of Peru 
July 16-25, 2017

Rich Peruvian Culture, Ancient Inca Ruins,
Traditional Textile Arts of the Sacred Valley

and a Trip Extension into the Amazon!

This is truly a luxury journey into the heart of the Andean culture. From a coastal city to the heights of the Andes you will be immersed in the daily life of the people of Peru. It's villages and towns are filled with colorful markets, Andean music, native cuisine and handmade textiles.  Learn of their textiles and try your hand at a little weaving.  Meet local artists.

Ride the dome train up to Machu Picchu for a two day visit to this unique historical site.  Wander the Machu Picchu grounds with a guide and learn more about this Inca site.  Then explore Cusco and all its cultural offerings.  Then off to Puno and Lake Titicaca where villages float on islands made of reeds.  A spectacular tour to a world renowned cultural area, Peru!

See the Amazon extension that follows this tour.

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Amazon Rain Forest  Trip Extension
Following the Peru Tour
July 25 - 28, 2017

If you have chosen to continue on to the Amazon Extension you will do so from Lima.       This is an exciting opportunity to explore Peru's Amazon Rain Forest located in southeastern Peru, just west of the Bolivian border.  You will be staying at the very special Inkaterra Amazonica Lodge, one of the best in the area, where they offer many     "A la Carte" excursions
and activities included in your stay.

Walk on the boardwalk into the forest, take a boat ride to watch for monkeys and other wildlife.  Walk on the raised rain forest canopy up in the tree tops to view life above the ground.  Lots of beautiful birds. A fascinating experience.

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Traditional Textiles of Fascinating Yunnan China
Explore Northern Yunnan' s many ethnic villages 
and Ancestral Tibet Automatous Area

September 15-26, 2017                               
Yunnan translates to 'South of Clouds" and the region stands distinctly apart from other parts of China. Within this single province, unmatched in the complexity and scope of its history, landscape and peoples, you will find a mix of geography, climates and nationalities that elsewhere it will take an entire continent to express. Yunnan was traversed by the fabled Tea and Horse Road, an important trading network that rivaled the importance of the Silk Road. Home to almost half of China's 54 minority groups, traditional culture and textile processing can still be readily observed.

Northern Yunnan in the Himalayas contains ancestral Tibet, the re-named region of Shangri La has always exercised a unique hold on the imagination of the outside world.  Despite its increased exposure to modernity, the magical Buddhist kingdom seems to exist in another dimension, and still retains much of the mystery that entranced early travelers to the region. 
As a small group you can enjoy visiting directly with artists and locals.  This is a trip of a lifetime!

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The Ancient City of Beijing
Extension to the Yunnan Tour
September  26-29, 2017

Continue your journey to Beijing the heart of China's cultural and political heritage.  This informative extension tour  is filled with iconic sights of Beijing and the surrounding countryside.

Visit the massive Forbidden City, the Imperial Palace for 24 of China’s emperors and their families, during the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911).  The size and grandeur is impressive.  Not only was this their home, but also the ceremonial and political center of the Chinese government for almost 500 years.  You will also wander through the Summer Palace which sits on a large lake and was a summer retreat.  Another iconic site is the Temple of Heaven where you will learn of its construction without nails.  On its beautiful grounds, you will find many Chinese gathering to dance, do Tai Chi, sing, play cards and other activities. Ride through ancient neighborhoods - Hutongs, in a pedicab seeing the daily life of some of its citizens.  A trip to China would not be complete without visiting the Great Wall.  The Mutianyu section is well preserved and offers you wonderful views of the wall and surrounding area, plus is a great place for a walk on the wall.  These and other sights will give you a look into the unique, long history of China. 

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Bali Batik Adventure 
October 2017
13 Days/12 Nights
Bali & Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Beautiful, exotic, mysterious, enchanting Bali awaits your discovery. Rich in diversity, Bali will overwhelm your senses with its gorgeous landscapes, beautiful flowers, smiling people, magnificent shrines and temples, and its devotion to the creative arts.

Immerse yourself in the arts and cultures that
are part of Bali's daily life. Nearly everyone is an artist of some type. Visit several batik artists in their studios, participate in batik workshops and enjoy two batik classes. Meet with a women's traditional handmade Batik co-op. Visit an extraordinary village of Ikat weavers, and meet with a family that weaves in their home.

You will stay in beautiful luxury accommodations, one on the beach and two with marvelous garden settings and pools. Enjoy the daily sightseeing and explore the beautiful countryside. Once you visit Bali your heart will always long to return.

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Wonderful Wales For Women
Mysterious Castles, Glorious Gardens, Historic Villages,  Antique Quilts,
Ancient Churches, Spectacular Scenery & Friendly Welsh People

Summer 2018
9 Days/8 nights

Travel through time as you journey through the unique countryside of Wales, a historic part of Great Britain.  Visiting Wales is exploring a land of contrasts!  Rugged hills, well ordered valleys, long beaches, hidden glades, rushing streams and still lakes.  Ride a mountain railroad, visit small villages lost in time, hear the lilting strains of Welsh voices in song. Wander through beautiful gardens, some rescued from abandonment, some with prestigious manor houses, and others beautiful National Trust Properties.  Enjoy charming boutique hotels, see antique Welsh quilts, enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea, wander through haunting abbey ruins, and historic churches still in use.  From ancient castle ruins to horticultural delights, enjoy Wales the land of contrasts on this deluxe tour. 

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Christmas Markets of Eastern Germany
Dresden - Meissen - Erzgebirge - Seiffen - Freiberg - Leipzig
Feel the Spirit of the Season
Early December 2017

8 Days/7 Nights
Saxony, Eastern Germany

Explore the exciting Christmas markets with their rich traditional heritage and romantic charm.  Each city has its own specialty. Wander through Dresden's old center, housing the rich treasures in the Greenvault and Zwinger.  Travel to Meissen to visit the famous porcelain factory and Christmas markets. Stroll through small villages in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) where the woodcarving of nutcrackers, smoke men, and lighted arches originated and still flourishes today. Enjoy all the trappings of the season in each city & town. Taste the delicious holiday treats & sample the warm gluhwein.  Find holiday treasures in the sparkling Christmas Markets and savor the Spirit of the Season!  Truly a heart warming tour!
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