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Our Tour Details

                                                Our Tour  Details                                                                                         

 Our tours are relaxed so you can immerse yourself in the unique culture of each destination.  Each tour has its own personality and style depending on the destination. We try to spend a minimum of 2-3 nights in each city or area so you have time to stroll around the towns and enjoy the local atmosphere.  As women, we like to enjoy the ambiance of historical cities and explore authentic local sights as well as the more frequented tourist areas. Meeting with local residents helps understanding and appreciation for the local culture and how it differs from our own.  Sometimes, we find it really does not differ at all.


You will make new friends and share experiences traveling  with a small group of interesting women.  For women who have always wanted to travel, but have had no one to travel with, we welcome you into a friendly group.   Small groups offer more flexibility and options.  If we have two or more days in a hotel and you choose to visit something not on the schedule for that day, or just want to sit back and enjoy the views, that's fine.  We will meet you back at the hotel in time for dinner.

Personal Experiences

Most of our tours include personal, hands-on experiences - rolling pasta in Italy, making dumplings in China, taking a cooking class, visiting a craftsperson or artist in their studio, Batiking in Bali, riding an elephant in Thailand, giving alms to monks in Laos, or visiting a grade school in Africa.  These extras add memorable,  personal touches to your travel experience. 


One of the especially delightful aspects of travel is the culinary experience. Because many women enjoy dining out, we include specialty restaurants, good local bistros, or favorite cafés in our tours. Some dinners may include a cruise, a folklore performance or a special event. In most countries, the tour provides daily breakfasts.  Some lunches and dinners will also be included, but not all. This gives you the chance to make your own restaurant selections to enjoy your favorite taste treats among the local specialties.  Our guides are well-versed in local establishments and are happy to make recommendations. I love all the vegetable dishes in Vietnam.  Sometimes, in Switzerland I have venison with plum sauce two nights in a row, and oh! a good French meal is always to die for.  Of course, Europe is known for the finest chocolates!  Exploring local cuisine will add an exciting and tasty dimension to your journey.

Fine Accommodations

Your accommodations are an important part of your journey.  We take special care in the selection of our lodgings. Whether it be a high-end first class hotel, a mountain lodge or a historic boutique hotel, we seek out establishments that are well-run, known for their good service, provide a friendly ambiance and are situated in a good location. 


Special Interest Tours

All our tours are stimulating and include extra personal experiences for you.  We also provide a series of special interest tours.  These tours are open to all women, and highlight a particular special interest. 

Textiles, quilting, arts and crafts are featured in our Artful Women Tours.  These tours visit women who are  involved in arts, crafts or textiles in some way.  Workshops and classes are included, as well as visits to the studios of local artisans. Our Bali Batik Tour visits the batik and Ikat weaving villages of Bali, includes other Balinese arts and crafts and several classes.  Another tour visits villages in southern China where many of the ancient traditions still flourish.  Vietnam's highlands are filled with ethnic villages where women are embroiders.  Peru and its weavers, Thailand with its silks, quilters in Europe - all are on future Artful Women tour agendas.   We offer one or two in-depth textile tours per year.  There are so many fascinating things to see and do.  Come with us and explore the wonderful world of arts, crafts and textiles.

 Shopping is considered a women's 'thing'.  Whether you are a buyer or browser, it seems most of us were born with the desire to shop.  And, if not, it is certainly easily learned.  Watch for our future shopping tours under Judy's Markets of the World. These tours are just that....shopping tours.  We seek out the best locations.  Our local shopping guides know where to go and what to buy.  We also incorporate the local atmosphere, history and sights.  After all, who can shop in Paris without a visit to the Eiffel Tower or their favorite museum? 

 Girl's Get-Aways are fun, short trips to enjoy a specific area, an event, a spa, or just relax and have fun. These also make great family Gals' Retreats.

                                     Independent or Customized Travel
                                       Solo Travelers or Family Groups

Do you have a group of friends that wants a special tour?  We are  happy to plan a customized vacation for you,  no matter the number of persons.  Family groups often wish to travel together and we can customize a trip tailored specifically to your family's desires.   Customized travel is one of our specialties. 

For the Solo Traveler, we can customize a special solo tour.  Or, if you wish to join one of our group tours, we can offer you freedom within that context to explore on your own.  When we are in a hotel for two or more days, you may choose your own activities and sights to visit rather than joining in the planned itinerary.

Single Travelers

For the woman traveling alone, we try to keep the single supplement low.  We will do our best to match you with a roommate, but if that is not possible a single supplement will apply.  For any women wishing a single room, we try to provide them throught the tour.   We can also plan customized tours for one or two persons.

                                                                                                             Tour Inclusions

Each land tour includes all ground transportation, e.g., vans, buses, trains, air-flights within the tour (unless noted), and transfers where specified.  Each listed tour itemizes the specific inclusions for that trip.  Upon deposit, you will be notified of arrival and departure locations, meeting times and transfer information .  

Air Transportation

Most tours do not include airfare to the starting point of the tour.  We have found that many travelers prefer to secure their own airfare so they may use a specific airline, or use an airline mileage program.  You may obtain your air tickets through your personal travel agent, on-line, or through our partner air supplier who will be happy to secure the appropriate air transportation for you.  Upon full payment for the tour you will be supplied with all final tour information and documents.

In Addition to Land Tours

In our offerings, you will also find river cruises, which provide a relaxing way to journey through a country.  Often, there will be a land portion prior to or following the cruise.  Europe has many fascinating cruises, and Asia offers some excellent ways to visit ancient civilizations in this relaxing, interesting way.  A river cruise is a wonderful, introductory way to see some of Asia's intriguing countryside and cultures.

Trip Highlights

  • Tours planned by women for women, to enhance your travel experience.
  • Small Groups - It's like friends traveling together.
  • Relaxation - All details of the trip are taken care of, you only have to concentrate on having a great time!
  • Usually two or more nights in one hotel, so less packing and unpacking.
  • Culturally enriching experiences, some not available to other tourists.
  • Explore medieval castles, World Heritage Sites, ancient civilizations, marvelous mountain scenery, boat on rivers, walks through quaint villages or peaceful rice patties, pristine lakes, vibrant cities, tiny villages, fantastic safaris, Buddhist temples....and more!
  • Wine tastings, cheese sampling, or special locals treats.
  • No early morning departures unless necessitated by travel schedules.
  • Knowledgeable, enthusiastic local guides, excited to share their homeland.
  • Personal visits to artisans or families.
  • Visits to local markets where available.
  • Workshops or hands-on demonstrations on our specialty tours.
  • In some countries we visit nationally sponsored workshops and retail shops where handmade items are made by disadvantage or disabled persons.
  • Time to explore and absorb the region you are visiting - getting the real feel of the people and their countries.
  • In our Textile, Arts, Crafts & Quilting tours we meet with local women to exchange ideas, see their handwork and take specialized workshops in their arts & crafts.
  • Garden Tours visit historical gardens as well as private personal gardens.
  • Each tour is carefully planned to provide well balanced daily activities as well as personal time.

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